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Balenciaga, a Spanish fashion house, was founded in 1917 by Cristóbal Balenciaga. Since 1937, the design house has been at the forefront of sophisticated and beautiful fashion by utilizing cutting-edge materials and techniques. The high-end fashion label creates ready-to-wear collections for men as well as a wide range of bags, shoes, and accessories. The legendary avant-garde meets modern streetwear at Balenciaga.

Balenciaga distinguishes itself from other prominent fashion houses. The designs are contemporary, fresh, and relevant to popular culture. The fashion house is experimenting with other silhouettes and moving away from the Western look. T-shirts and polo shirts by Balenciaga with long sleeves. Windbreaker jackets that look like they were made in the 1990s. Balenciaga's men's line is known for its oversized styles. Cristóbal's daring in establishing himself assures that the fashion house continues to be inventive through never-before-seen designs to this day.