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AMIRI, a luxury mens and womenswear brand established by Mike Amiri in 2014, mixes exquisite craftsmanship with the glamor of LA's original skate and street culture.

Mike Amiri, a native of Los Angeles, began his career in fashion by handcrafting unique stage garments for legendary hard rockers such as Axl Rose and Steven Tyler. In 2014, he introduced his namesake luxury fashion line, AMIRI, with an exclusive capsule collection for the LA-based concept store Maxfield, which marked the launch of his eponymous luxury fashion line, AMIRI.

With his deconstructed, hand-embellished denim trousers, leather jackets, grungy flannel shirting, and graphic t-shirts from his initial collection, Amiri developed a distinct design character. His early DIY sensibility grew into a researched and distinct savoir-faire, and his mens and womenswear lines are renowned for their refined sense of craftsmanship and for capturing the dazzling ethos of LA's true streetwear culture.